2022 Cabrini Pilgrimage Information and Registration Forms

August 01, 2022
Source: Priory Denver

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For information regarding travel and accommodations for out of state pilgrims, please contact Joseph Eddy ([email protected] or 720-591-1182) or Daniel Eddy ([email protected] or 720-215-8470)

  • Click here to download the two page, Adobe PDF Pilgrimage route map.
  • The 2022 Cabrini Pilgrimage will take place on Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20.
  • On day #1 (8/19/22), the pilgrimage starts at St. Isidore church in Watkins, CO, and ends at Sacred Heart Church, 2760 Larimer St, Denver, CO.
  • On day #2 (8/20/22), the pilgrimage starts at Sacred Heart Church, 2760 Larimer St, Denver, CO and concludes at the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

Food and Drink

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks are provided on both days of the Pilgrimage.  Breakfast will be light so if more is needed, come prepared. (PLEASE NOTE: Each of the meals will have gluten free options.)
  • Water, Gatorade, and a variety of snacks (granola bars, fruit, etc.) will be provided throughout the Pilgrimage – NO NEED TO CARRY YOUR OWN WATER
  • HYDRATE before and during the Pilgrimage – Colorado is a dry climate, with low humidity.  You may not notice that you are losing fluids, but you are – so it is very important to drink plenty of replenishing liquids!

Sun and Altitude

  • Colorado’s elevation and relatively thin air mean that the sun’s rays are very powerful here.  Shading hats are recommended, and don’t forget the sunscreen!  (The church supplies a variety of sunscreen products for those who may need them.)
  • If you discover that you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, or nausea, you may be feeling the effects of the higher elevation.  Please be sure to visit a support vehicle for assistance right away if you notice any of these symptoms.
  • HYDRATE before and during the Pilgrimage.


  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring several pairs of good socks.
  • Blister prevention products – foot powder, moleskin, blister bandaids, etc. – may be helpful, as the majority of the Pilgrimage route is on pavement.  (The church supplies a variety of foot prep/blister prevention items for those who may need them.)
  • Don't try to break in new or trendy shoes during the Pilgrimage - they will break you in!
  • You may want to bring rain gear, as afternoon showers are not uncommon in Colorado.
  • Leggings or bike shorts under your clothing are highly recommended!  (Anti-chafing products may also be helpful!)
  • HYDRATE before and during the Pilgrimage.

Support Vehicles

  • A number of vehicles (primarily 15-passenger vans) will be accompanying the Pilgrimage and will be available for those periodically in need of rest, cooling down, catching up, etc.  These vehicles will be identified by their “Mother Cabrini Pilgrimage” signs.
  • Support vehicles have radios which broadcast the Pilgrimage conferences, prayers, songs, etc., so don’t be hesitant to take advantage of them if you are in need – you will still be able to fully participate in Pilgrimage activities.
  • Support vehicles are stocked with first aid kits (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, bandages, etc.) and water, and have contact numbers for all Pilgrimage support personnel.

Vehicle Shuttling 

  • On Saturday Morning, those that are planning to drive away at the end of the Pilgrimage from the Mother Cabrini Shrine, will need to transport their vehicles to the southwest end of the Woolly Mammoth Park-N-Ride lot located at 18560 US-40, Golden, CO 80401. The shuttle vans will transport the Pilgrims from the Woolly Mammoth lot back to where the Pilgrimage is currently walking to be joined up with everyone else.  The shuttle vans will caravan from St. Isidore Church parking lot shortly after 6:00 AM Saturday Morning 8/20.  Please ensure someone is able to stage the vehicle during this time as there are no other planned opportunities for vehicle shuttling.

Other Items of Note

  • Restroom facilities (port-o-potties) will be available throughout the pilgrimage.
  • Pilgrimage booklets will be provided, containing prayers, hymns, devotions, meditations, etc.
  • Pilgrims are to wear comfortable and modest clothing, according to Catholic standards.  (Ladies in skirts that cover the knee and men in pants.)
  • Day pilgrims are welcome to join the pilgrimage at any point along the route.
  • Minors (under age 18) must be accompanied by a parent or designated chaperone, 21 or older. Parents must complete authorization/release form (available online here) or the minor will not be permitted to participate.